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The M7 rugged safe phone is equipped with 3.5w output 35mm speaker, bigger and louder than other equivalent phones.

The powerful and extra-loud big speaker, offers excellent sound quality and will allow you to hear the ringer over machinery, equipment, loud worksites or if you are hard of hearing.

The long-life battery will remain on standby (and location sharing) for up to 13 days.

It has a built-in rugged case that is water-resistant and shock-resistant. It is very hard to damage.

It has a quick one-press SOS dial button and a powerful built-in flashlight.
Moreover, The M7 runs a smart OS, and supports notification and messaging APPs like Facebook, WhatsApp and most major communications apps, Advanced Google sync calendar and Google location services for location sharing, Google Maps to help find your way, but the small low-resolution screen won't run time wasting apps like social media, video streaming services or complex web browsers. So it's safer for minors.

Minors M7 Safe phone long battery life SOS

$229.00 Regular Price
$189.00Sale Price
  • This phone supports 4G LTE Network, compatible with Telstra, Vodafone, Optus etc. gives you access to 4G, 3G and 2G connections. It also supports VoLTE (Depends on local network, may not be available in some countries.) It supports Dual SIM Cards, Nano SIM *2 (SIM 1 for 4G, SIM 2 for 2G), Only 1 SIM can have 4G when insert 2 SIM cards.

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