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The Tinker Story

Many things in this world are built to be thrown away. But we like to salvage, save, re-use and maintain. Instead of throwing away your problems, let us help you fix them.
We can provide basic repairs on most small appliances, electronics, toys, communications equipment, vehicle electronics (central locking, car stereo etc.), tools, bikes and e-bikes and seek to provide you an economical method of keeping your loved items rather than replacing them.

Please submit your repair request below and we'll get back to you with an estimate to repair.

As well as electronics repairs and Installation services, Tinker has a range of bespoke communications hardware and helpful safety equipment including mobile phone boosters, rugged mobile phones, Seniors phones, Minors phones and more.

We specialise in..

  • Basic appliance and electronics repair

  • Car Stereo installations

  • Car Audio and reverse safety upgrades

  • Seniors and KidSafe Mobile Phones

  • Mobile Phone boosters (for regional areas)

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